Charlton Kings Club

About the Club

On 19th May 1888, the foundation stone of the club building was laid by Captain St. Clair-Ford. The building operations lasted some six months and the clubhouse was officially opened on 1st December 1888.

October 1904

In October 1904, a miniature rifle range was built at the rear of the club. This later became incorporated within the skittle alley and was in use until 1980.

Major refurbishments have taken place over the years – namely in 1963 when the existing skittle alley was built, and in 1980 when the new snooker room, offices and toilets were constructed on the first floor.

The Charlton Kings Club

In 2000 the name of the club was changed from Charlton Kings Working Men’s Club and Institute to ‘The Charlton Kings Club’.

Women were given full rights in 2002, and the club now boasts a female secretary, trustee and members of the committee.

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